Trebarwith Strand Beach

Trebarwith Strand Beach, nestled on the rugged North Cornwall coast, is a captivating destination that combines breathtaking natural beauty with a sense of adventure.

Located just over two miles south of Tintagel, famous for its Arthurian legends, Trebarwith Strand offers golden sands, dramatic cliffs, and excellent conditions for surfing.

Its accessibility at low tide, intriguing rock formations, and the iconic Gull Rock just offshore make it a must-visit for anyone exploring Cornwall.

Discovering Trebarwith Strand Beach

Accessible via a winding road that leads down to the valley, Trebarwith Strand unveils itself as a hidden gem amidst towering cliffs.

The beach is a tidal haven, revealing its full glory as the sea recedes, making timing your visit essential.

It’s a popular spot among locals and visitors for its natural beauty, surfing waves, and the myriad of rock pools that become exposed at low tide.

Highlights of Trebarwith Strand Beach

Surfing and Watersports: With consistent swell and challenging waves, Trebarwith Strand is favoured by surfers. Surf schools and hire shops in the area offer lessons and equipment for all levels.

Rock Pools: The beach’s rock pools are a delight to explore, teeming with marine life and providing endless entertainment for children and adults alike.

Coastal Walks: The cliffs surrounding Trebarwith Strand are crisscrossed with footpaths offering spectacular coastal views, including the dramatic sunset vistas that Cornwall is renowned for.

Gull Rock: This imposing landmark, visible from the beach, adds to the dramatic scenery and is a focal point for photographers.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Trebarwith Strand is located around 2 miles from Tintagel.

The approach involves narrow country lanes, typical of Cornwall, which add to the area’s charm.

A car park is situated a short walk from the beach, though space can be limited during peak season.

Public transport options are available but may involve a walk to reach the beach from the nearest bus stop.


Safety: Lifeguards patrol the beach during the summer months, providing safety for swimmers and surfers.

Amenities: Near the beach, you’ll find toilets, a café for refreshments, and a small shop. Further amenities can be found in Tintagel.

Dining: The Port William Inn, overlooking the beach, offers dining with stunning sea views, serving local ales and fresh Cornish produce.

Beach Safety and Etiquette

Tide Awareness: The beach is completely covered at high tide, and it’s crucial to check tide times to ensure you’re not cut off by the rising water.

Respect the Environment: Take all rubbish with you, stay on marked paths to avoid erosion, and avoid disturbing wildlife.

Dogs: Dogs are welcome on Trebarwith Strand, but please keep them under control and clean up after them.

Maximising Your Experience

Check the Tides: Plan your visit around low tide to enjoy the beach fully. The local shops or your accommodation can provide tide times.

Explore the Area: Combine your beach day with a visit to Tintagel Castle or a walk along the South West Coast Path to discover more of Cornwall’s stunning coastline.

Stay for Sunset: Trebarwith Strand’s west-facing beach offers some of the most spectacular sunsets in Cornwall. Bring a picnic, settle down on the sand, and watch the sky light up with colours.

Tips for Your Visit

Parking: Arrive early during peak season to secure a parking spot, as the car park fills up quickly.

Footwear: Wear sturdy shoes for exploring the rock pools and coastal paths.

Preparation: Bring sunscreen, water, and snacks. Even on overcast days, the sun can be strong, and there are limited facilities directly on the beach.

Nearby Attractions

Tintagel Castle: Explore the legendary birthplace of King Arthur and enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic.

Boscastle: A short drive away, this picturesque fishing village offers charming shops, scenic walks, and the intriguing Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

St Nectan’s Glen: Discover this serene woodland walk leading to a stunning waterfall, considered to be one of Cornwall’s hidden treasures.


Trebarwith Strand Beach is a quintessential Cornish destination, offering a mix of natural beauty, adventure, and relaxation.

Whether you’re riding the waves, exploring the rock pools, or simply soaking up the majestic scenery, Trebarwith Strand provides a memorable backdrop for your holiday.

With its combination of dramatic landscapes, rich history, and the warm welcome of Cornwall, a visit to Trebarwith Strand is sure to be a highlight of your trip.