Coverack, situated on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, is a charming fishing village known for its scenic beauty, historic charm, and tranquil atmosphere.

This idyllic location boasts a picturesque harbour, traditional thatched cottages, and a rugged coastline that draws visitors seeking a peaceful retreat from the bustling tourist spots.

Whether you’re interested in water sports, hiking, or simply soaking up the tranquil village ambiance, Coverack has something to offer everyone.

The Allure of Coverack

Coverack’s appeal lies in its stunning natural setting and its traditional Cornish character.

The village’s sheltered bay, protected by the imposing headland, provides perfect conditions for swimming, sailing, and windsurfing.

Its coastal paths offer spectacular views and connect visitors with the area’s rich flora and fauna, including rare plants and seabirds.

The warmth of the local community and the village’s untouched charm make it an ideal destination for those looking to experience the authentic Cornish lifestyle.

Why Visit Coverack?

Spectacular Coastal Scenery: Enjoy breathtaking views along the South West Coast Path, which passes through Coverack, offering extensive vistas of the rugged Cornish coastline.

Water Sports: The village’s bay is ideal for windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking, attracting enthusiasts from all skill levels.

Historic Charm: Explore Coverack’s winding lanes lined with traditional thatched cottages and visit St Peter’s Church, a focal point of the village’s heritage.

Beach Relaxation: Spend a day at Coverack Beach, a mix of sand and pebbles, perfect for sunbathing, rock pooling, and safe swimming.

Activities and Exploration in Coverack

Outdoor Adventures

Hiking and Walking: Tackle segments of the South West Coast Path for a challenging hike or enjoy leisurely walks around the village and harbour.

Boat Trips: Take a boat tour from Coverack Harbour to explore the coastline from the water and possibly spot dolphins and seals.

Cultural Attractions

Coverack Windsurfing Centre: Try your hand at windsurfing with lessons from experienced instructors, available right in the heart of the village.

Local Art Galleries: Visit galleries featuring the work of local artists inspired by Coverack’s maritime landscape.

Nature and Wildlife

Rock Pooling and Marine Life: Discover the diverse marine life in the rock pools along the beach, especially during low tide.

Birdwatching: The cliffs and coastal areas around Coverack are excellent for observing seabirds and migratory species.

Plan Your Visit to Coverack

Getting There

Location: Coverack is located on the southeastern coast of the Lizard Peninsula, accessible by narrow winding roads typical of Cornwall’s coastal areas.

Public Transport: Buses serve Coverack, connecting it with Helston and other nearby towns, though services may be infrequent.

Best Times to Visit

Summer: Experience the best of the weather for beach activities and water sports. Summer is also when the village is most lively, with events and regattas.

Spring and Autumn: Enjoy quieter visits with still pleasant weather, ideal for walking and exploring the natural scenery.

Facilities and Amenities

Accommodation: Coverack offers a range of lodging options, from quaint B&Bs to self-catering cottages with stunning sea views.

Dining: Sample fresh seafood and traditional Cornish dishes at local pubs and cafes, many offering views of the harbour or beach.

Beyond Coverack: Nearby Attractions

The Lizard Point: Visit the most southerly point of the British mainland, famous for its lighthouse and unique geology.

Kynance Cove: A short drive away, this cove is known for its turquoise waters and serpentine rock formations.

Tips for a Memorable Visit

Respect the Environment: Help preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the beach and natural areas by following local conservation guidelines.

Check Tide Times: For activities like rock pooling or exploring certain parts of the coast, plan according to the tide times to ensure safety and the best experience.

Support Local Businesses: Engage with the community by shopping at local stores and eating at local restaurants, helping to sustain the village’s economy.


Coverack is a delightful Cornish village that offers a mix of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

With its beautiful coastal setting, range of outdoor activities, and the charm of village life, Coverack provides a perfect escape to one of Cornwall’s most picturesque locations.