Jacobstow, nestled within the picturesque landscapes of North Cornwall, is a tranquil village that promises a serene getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Characterised by its rolling countryside, historical charm, and close proximity to some of Cornwall’s most stunning coastal scenes, Jacobstow is an ideal destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the rural Cornish lifestyle.

Whether you’re a nature lover, history enthusiast, or simply in search of peace and quiet, Jacobstow offers a slice of Cornish heaven.

Discovering Jacobstow

Jacobstow’s quiet charm is encapsulated in its historic church, traditional stone cottages, and sweeping views of the surrounding countryside.

The village’s sense of community and slower pace of life make it a perfect retreat for those seeking to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Historical Highlights

St James Church: At the heart of Jacobstow, this ancient church, dating back to the Norman period, features beautiful architecture and a peaceful churchyard. It’s a testament to the village’s rich history and a must-visit for those interested in Cornwall’s ecclesiastical heritage.

Jacobstow’s Circular Walks: The area around Jacobstow offers several circular walks that take you through lush fields, wooded valleys, and alongside babbling brooks, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural beauty of North Cornwall.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Jacobstow is situated just off the A39, making it easily accessible by car and a convenient stop for those exploring North Cornwall.

While public transport options are limited, the village serves as a peaceful base for visiting nearby attractions by car.

Where to Stay

Accommodation in Jacobstow primarily consists of charming bed and breakfasts, cosy self-catering cottages, and nearby farm stays that offer a genuine taste of Cornish country living.

Many of these options provide stunning countryside views and a warm welcome, ensuring a comfortable and authentic stay.

Eating Out

While Jacobstow itself has limited dining options, the surrounding area boasts a variety of country pubs, seaside restaurants, and cafes that serve delicious local produce, fresh seafood, and traditional Cornish pasties.

Exploring nearby towns and villages will reward you with delightful culinary experiences.

Maximising Your Experience

Explore the Coastline: Take a short drive to the breathtaking Cornwall coastline, where you can enjoy sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and coastal walks with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Visit Widemouth Bay: Just a few miles away, Widemouth Bay offers a wide sandy beach, popular with families and surfers alike, providing a perfect spot for beach activities and water sports.

Discover Local History: The region around Jacobstow is dotted with historical sites, from ancient stone circles to remnants of Cornwall’s mining past. A visit to these sites offers a deeper understanding of the area’s heritage.

Tips for Your Visit

Travel Prepared: With Jacobstow’s rural setting, it’s advisable to travel with everything you might need for the day, especially if you’re heading out on walks or to more remote beaches.

Check Opening Times: For attractions, eateries, and public facilities in and around Jacobstow, it’s best to check opening times in advance, as they may vary seasonally or according to the day of the week.

Respect the Countryside: When enjoying Jacobstow’s beautiful landscapes, remember to follow the Countryside Code – leave no trace, keep dogs under control, and protect wildlife and plants.

Nearby Attractions

Boscastle: A picturesque fishing village set in a narrow sea inlet with charming stone-built cottages, shops, and cafes, offering a glimpse into traditional Cornish life.

Tintagel Castle: The legendary birthplace of King Arthur, this iconic site combines historical ruins with breathtaking coastal scenery.

Bude: Known for its beautiful beaches, Bude is a vibrant seaside town with a range of shops, eateries, and water sports facilities.


Jacobstow offers a tranquil escape into the heart of North Cornwall, where the pace of life slows down, and the beauty of the countryside takes centre stage.

Whether you’re here to explore the rugged coastline, discover historical sites, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of rural Cornwall, Jacobstow provides a warm welcome and an unforgettable stay.

It’s a place where you can truly disconnect, relax, and soak up the timeless charm of Cornwall.