Lostwithiel, nestled in the Fowey River valley in Cornwall, is a quaint and picturesque town that boasts a rich history and a vibrant community spirit.

Known as the “Antiques Capital of Cornwall,” Lostwithiel is famous for its numerous antique shops and regular collector fairs.

This charming town, once the capital of Cornwall, offers a perfect blend of historical intrigue, scenic beauty, and a warm welcome, making it an ideal destination for those looking to explore a lesser-known part of the county.

The Allure of Lostwithiel

Lostwithiel’s appeal lies in its medieval streets, beautifully preserved ancient architecture, and the tranquil river that flows through its centre.

The town’s laid-back atmosphere and friendly locals provide a warm welcome to visitors, while its historical sites and natural surroundings offer plenty of opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

Why Visit Lostwithiel?

Historic Charm: Wander through the town’s narrow streets lined with ancient buildings and discover the rich history of this former medieval port and capital.

Antiques and Collectables: Explore an array of antique shops and frequent fairs that make Lostwithiel a treasure trove for collectors and enthusiasts.

Scenic River Setting: Enjoy leisurely walks along the banks of the River Fowey or partake in kayaking and fishing in the peaceful waters.

Culinary Delights: Sample local cuisine in cosy cafes and traditional pubs that dot the town, offering delicious dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

Activities and Exploration in Lostwithiel

Historical Sites

Restormel Castle: Visit the nearby ruins of Restormel Castle, a circular Norman fortress that offers stunning views over the surrounding countryside and a glimpse into Cornwall’s Norman past.

St Bartholomew’s Church: Explore this 12th-century church known for its beautiful architecture and peaceful churchyard.

Cultural Attractions

Duchy of Cornwall Nursery: Just outside the town, this nursery not only offers a wide range of plants and gardening supplies but also features a lovely cafe with views over the Fowey Valley.

Lostwithiel Museum: Learn about the town’s history from its days as a stannary town to its importance during the Civil War.

Outdoor Activities

Walking and Hiking: Follow the trails that run along the river or venture into the nearby countryside for more extensive hikes in the Cornish landscape.

Water Sports: The River Fowey is ideal for kayaking and canoeing, providing a unique way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Plan Your Visit to Lostwithiel

Getting There

Location: Lostwithiel is easily accessible by car and is just off the A390 between St Austell and Liskeard. The town also has a train station with regular services connecting it to the main line.

Parking: There are several car parks in Lostwithiel, offering convenient access to the town centre and its attractions.

Best Times to Visit

Summer: Enjoy the best of the weather and the town’s outdoor activities. Summer also sees Lostwithiel hosting several festivals and events, adding to its charm.

Autumn and Spring: These seasons offer quieter visits with beautiful natural scenery, as the surrounding countryside changes colour.

Facilities and Amenities

Accommodation: Lostwithiel offers a range of options from charming bed and breakfasts to self-catering cottages, perfect for a longer stay.

Dining: The town boasts several excellent eateries ranging from traditional pubs to contemporary cafes, all serving a variety of delicious options.

Beyond Lostwithiel: Nearby Attractions

The Eden Project: Located just a short drive from Lostwithiel, this global garden housed in dramatic biomes is a must-visit for anyone coming to Cornwall.

Lanhydrock House: Explore this impressive Victorian country house and gardens, managed by the National Trust, offering a glimpse into high society life in the 19th century.

Tips for a Memorable Visit

Explore on Foot: Lostwithiel is best explored at a leisurely pace. Take time to stroll through its streets and soak up its medieval atmosphere.

Check Event Schedules: Time your visit to coincide with the town’s antique fairs or local festivals to see Lostwithiel at its most vibrant.

Local Advice: Don’t hesitate to chat with locals for recommendations on the best spots to visit or dine in town.


Lostwithiel is a captivating town that offers a slice of Cornish history away from the more tourist-heavy areas.

With its historical sites, scenic river setting, and welcoming atmosphere, Lostwithiel is a delightful destination for those looking to explore the charm and heritage of Cornwall.