Lappa Valley

Lappa Valley, nestled in the scenic countryside just south of Newquay, Cornwall, is a unique family attraction that offers a delightful blend of entertainment, heritage, and natural beauty.

Famous for its miniature steam railways, this enchanting valley provides an array of activities for all ages, making it an ideal destination for family outings.

From train rides through lush landscapes to engaging leisure activities, Lappa Valley promises a day full of fun and exploration.

The Allure of Lappa Valley

Lappa Valley is centred around a restored Victorian-era railway, and the park has expanded to include additional miniature railways, making it a haven for train enthusiasts and families alike.

The site is not only about trains; it features a tranquil natural setting with lakes, woodlands, and open spaces that invite visitors to connect with nature while enjoying the various attractions.

Why Visit Lappa Valley?

Miniature Steam Trains: Experience the joy of riding one of the three miniature steam railways that wind through the beautiful Cornish countryside.

Family-Friendly Activities: Beyond the trains, the park offers canoeing, crazy golf, and a play area, ensuring that there’s something fun for every family member.

Educational Opportunities: Learn about the history of the valley and the Victorian railway through informative displays and interactive exhibits.

Natural Beauty: Enjoy the peaceful environment of the valley, perfect for leisurely walks and wildlife watching.

Activities and Enjoyment at Lappa Valley

Train Adventures

Steam Railway Rides: Board the Newlyn Branch Line, a steam-powered railway that takes you on a journey around the park, complete with commentary on the history of the area.

Additional Railways: Explore further with rides on the East Wheal Rose and Woodland Railways, each offering unique views of the valley’s landscape.

Leisure and Recreation

Boating and Canoeing: Paddle around the tranquil waters of the lake, a perfect way to relax and take in the surroundings.

Play Areas: Children can enjoy safe and exciting play structures, including slides, swings, and climbing frames.

Crazy Golf: Challenge your family to a round of mini-golf, fun for all ages.

Plan Your Visit to Lappa Valley

Getting There

Location: Lappa Valley is located just outside of Newquay, accessible via the A3058 towards St. Newlyn East.

Parking: Ample free parking is available on-site, making it convenient for families to visit.

Best Times to Visit

Opening Times: Lappa Valley is open from March to October, with varying hours depending on the season. It’s advisable to check their website or call ahead for exact opening times before your visit.

Special Events: Look out for special events throughout the year, such as Easter egg hunts, Halloween festivities, and Christmas specials, which add extra fun to the standard offerings.

Facilities and Amenities

Café and Picnicking: The site includes a café serving snacks and light meals. Picnic areas are also available for those who prefer to bring their own food.

Accessibility: The main paths and attractions at Lappa Valley are accessible for buggies and wheelchairs, though some areas may be more challenging to navigate.

Beyond the Park: Nearby Attractions

Newquay: Just a short drive away, Newquay offers beautiful beaches, aquariums, and additional family attractions.

Trerice: Visit this nearby Elizabethan manor house, managed by the National Trust, featuring beautiful gardens and historical exhibits.

Tips for a Memorable Visit

Wear Comfortable Footwear: Be prepared for walking through the park’s natural terrain.

Check the Weather: As many of the activities are outdoors, it’s wise to check the forecast and dress appropriately.

Plan Your Day: Arrive early to make the most of the various activities and train rides throughout the day.

Conclusion: Experience the Magic of Lappa Valley

Lappa Valley is more than just an attraction for train enthusiasts; it’s a comprehensive family adventure park set in a picturesque part of Cornwall.

Whether you’re riding the charming steam trains, enjoying recreational activities, or simply relaxing in beautiful natural surroundings, Lappa Valley provides an unforgettable day out for families looking to create lasting memories.