Levant Mine and Beam Engine

Perched on the rugged cliffs of the Tin Coast near St Just, Levant Mine and Beam Engine stands as a poignant reminder of Cornwall’s rich mining heritage.

Part of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape UNESCO World Heritage Site, Levant Mine offers visitors a unique glimpse into the past, where the endeavours of Cornish miners are commemorated, and the engineering prowess of the Victorian era is celebrated.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an engineering aficionado, or someone who appreciates dramatic landscapes, a visit to Levant Mine and Beam Engine is an enlightening and moving experience.

Discovering Levant Mine and Beam Engine

Levant Mine’s history stretches back over 200 years, playing a crucial role in the Cornish mining industry.

The site’s crown jewel, the beam engine, originally installed in 1840, is a marvel of Victorian engineering and is still steamed up and operational today, offering a rare insight into the workings of a historic steam engine.

Highlights of Levant Mine and Beam Engine

The Beam Engine: Experience the only Cornish beam engine anywhere in the world that is still in steam on its original mine site. The engine’s operation days are a spectacle not to be missed.

Underground Tour: For the adventurous, the underground tour delves into the miners’ tunnels, offering a visceral sense of the conditions Cornish miners endured.

The Count House: Housing exhibitions about the mine’s history, the Count House also provides breathtaking views over the Atlantic, perfect for contemplation and photography.

The Clifftop Walks: The surrounding area, part of the Tin Coast, offers dramatic clifftop walks with stunning views of the rugged coastline and the vast ocean beyond.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Levant Mine and Beam Engine is situated near Pendeen, approximately 7 miles from St Just.

Access by car is straightforward, with a car park available on site.

For those using public transport, local bus services run to Pendeen, from where it is a short walk to the mine.

Tickets and Opening Times

Operated by the National Trust, Levant Mine and Beam Engine has specific opening hours that vary seasonally, so it is advisable to check the National Trust website for the most current information.

Entry is free for National Trust members, with a charge for non-members.


Accessibility: The site’s rugged nature means that access can be challenging in places. The surface engine house and the Count House are accessible, but the underground tour and parts of the site are not wheelchair accessible.

Café and Shop: While there is no café on site, there is a small shop selling refreshments, books, and souvenirs. Nearby Pendeen offers further options for dining.

Maximising Your Experience

Attend an Engine Steaming Day: To see the beam engine in action, plan your visit for one of the steaming days, which are truly a sight to behold.

Wear Sturdy Footwear: If you plan on exploring the clifftop paths or taking the underground tour, sturdy footwear is essential due to uneven terrain.

Bring Binoculars: For bird watchers and nature lovers, the coastal cliffs offer opportunities to spot seabirds and wildlife.

Tips for Your Visit

Check Weather Conditions: The site can be exposed to the elements, so checking the weather and dressing accordingly will ensure a comfortable visit.

Respect the Site: Remember, Levant Mine is a site of historical importance and a memorial to those who worked and lost their lives here. Please be respectful during your visit.

Explore the Tin Coast: Combine your visit to Levant Mine with stops at other nearby attractions, such as Geevor Tin Mine and Botallack Mine, to get a fuller picture of Cornwall’s mining heritage.

Nearby Attractions

Geevor Tin Mine: Just a short drive from Levant, Geevor Tin Mine offers further insights into the mining industry with guided tours and a museum.

Botallack Mine: Famous for its dramatic clifftop engine houses that have featured in Poldark, Botallack is another must-visit site on the Tin Coast.

Cape Cornwall: Offering panoramic views, Cape Cornwall is a scenic spot for walking and photography, marking where the Atlantic currents divide.


Levant Mine and Beam Engine is not just a historical site; it’s a tribute to Cornwall’s mining legacy and a testament to human endeavour.

Its combination of historical significance, engineering marvels, and natural beauty makes it an essential visit for anyone wanting to explore the depth of Cornwall’s cultural heritage.

Whether you’re standing beside the working beam engine, wandering through the underground passages, or gazing out at the ocean from the clifftop, a visit to Levant Mine is an unforgettable experience that connects you to Cornwall’s past