Padstow Brewing Company

Padstow Brewing Company, nestled in the charming Cornish town of Padstow, has rapidly established itself as a beacon for craft beer enthusiasts and casual holidaymakers alike.

Founded on a passion for quality beer and a love for the Cornish coast, this independent brewery offers a unique glimpse into the world of brewing, coupled with the opportunity to sample some of the finest ales in a picturesque setting.

Discovering Padstow Brewing Company

At the heart of Padstow Brewing Company is its dedication to crafting exceptional beers, from hoppy IPAs to rich, dark stouts.

Utilising local ingredients and embracing traditional brewing methods while incorporating innovative techniques, the brewery has garnered acclaim both locally and nationally.

A visit here is not just about beer tasting; it’s an immersive experience into the artistry behind brewing.

Highlights of Padstow Brewing Company

Brewery Tours: Get behind the scenes to see how Padstow Brewing Company’s beers are made, from the brewing process to bottling. Tours are informative and engaging, concluding with a tasting session.

Tasting Room: Situated in the heart of Padstow, the tasting room offers a relaxed environment where you can sample a wide range of the brewery’s creations. Knowledgeable staff are on hand to guide you through the flavours and stories behind each beer.

Beer Shop: After sampling, visitors can purchase their favourite brews to take home, alongside a selection of branded merchandise, making for perfect souvenirs or gifts.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Padstow is accessible by car and is well-signposted from major routes.

For those relying on public transport, regular bus services connect Padstow with surrounding towns and cities.

The nearest train station is in Bodmin, which is about a 30-minute drive away.

Opening Times and Bookings

The brewery and tasting room have specific opening hours, which can vary seasonally, so it’s advisable to check the Padstow Brewing Company’s website or contact them directly before planning your visit.

Tours usually require advance booking and are highly recommended to secure your spot.


Parking: Padstow offers several public car parks, as on-site parking at the brewery may be limited.

Accessibility: The tasting room is accessible to visitors with mobility issues, but it’s best to check in advance regarding access to the brewery tour.

Maximising Your Experience

Pair Your Visit with Local Cuisine: Padstow is renowned for its culinary scene. Combine your brewery visit with a meal at one of the town’s celebrated restaurants or traditional Cornish pubs.

Explore Padstow: Beyond the brewery, Padstow boasts a wealth of attractions, from scenic harbour views and boat trips to historical sites and beautiful coastal walks.

Attend a Brewing Event: Keep an eye on the brewery’s events calendar. Seasonal brew launches, beer festivals, and brewing workshops can add a special element to your visit.

Tips for Your Visit

Responsible Tasting: Enjoy the beer tasting responsibly. If you’re driving, consider purchasing bottles to enjoy later or check for local taxi services.

Wear Comfortable Shoes: If your visit includes a brewery tour, wear comfortable shoes as you may be standing or walking for a period.

Ask Questions: The staff at Padstow Brewing Company are passionate about their craft. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to enrich your understanding and appreciation of the brewing process.

Nearby Attractions

Padstow Harbour: This bustling harbour is the heart of the town, offering a variety of boat trips, fishing excursions, and watersports.

The Camel Trail: Ideal for cycling or walking, this scenic trail follows a disused railway line and offers stunning estuary views.

Prideaux Place: Just a short walk from the town centre, this historic Elizabethan manor house is set in beautiful grounds and offers guided tours.


A visit to Padstow Brewing Company is a must for anyone holidaying in Cornwall with an interest in craft beer.

It presents a perfect blend of educational insight and leisurely enjoyment, set against the backdrop of one of Cornwall’s most picturesque towns.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or simply curious about the brewing process, the brewery’s combination of craftsmanship, community, and creativity is sure to leave a lasting impression.