Polruan Ferry

Polruan Ferry, a vital link across the River Fowey in Cornwall, connects the charming village of Polruan to the bustling town of Fowey.

This passenger ferry service is not just a mode of transport; it’s an opportunity to experience the stunning beauty of Cornwall from the water, offering unique views of the harbour, waterfront houses, and the rolling hills beyond.

For holidaymakers exploring Cornwall, taking the Polruan Ferry is a must-do for its convenience, scenic value, and the chance to immerse in the local maritime culture.

Discovering Polruan Ferry

The Polruan Ferry operates between Polruan, a quaint fishing village known for its steep streets and traditional Cornish cottages, and Fowey, a vibrant harbour town with a rich maritime history.

The ferry journey is brief but memorable, providing a picturesque glimpse into Cornwall’s seafaring life and its idyllic coastal landscapes.

Highlights of Polruan Ferry

Scenic Crossing: The ferry ride offers panoramic views of the Fowey estuary, including the historic Polruan Blockhouse on one side and the charming quayside of Fowey on the other.

Ease of Access: The ferry provides an easy and efficient way to travel between Fowey and Polruan, especially useful for walkers exploring the South West Coast Path or visitors hopping between the towns.

Wildlife Spotting: Keep an eye out for marine wildlife, including seabirds and occasionally seals, that inhabit the waters of the estuary.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

In Polruan, the ferry departs from the quay at the bottom of Fore Street, easily accessible on foot through the village’s narrow lanes.

In Fowey, the ferry landing is located at Caffa Mill car park, just a short walk from the town centre.

Operating Times and Fares

The Polruan Ferry runs daily throughout the year, weather permitting, with increased frequency during the summer months.

Operating times can vary, so it’s advisable to check the latest schedule on the official ferry website or local tourist information.

Fares are reasonable, making the ferry a cost-effective option for crossing the estuary.


The ferry service is primarily designed for passengers on foot, although there is a separate vehicular ferry for cars (not operating from the same points).

Both Fowey and Polruan have basic amenities such as public toilets, cafes, and shops near their ferry points.

Maximising Your Experience

Plan a Circular Walk: Use the ferry as part of a circular walking route to explore both Fowey and Polruan, taking in the stunning coastal scenery along the way.

Visit Off-Peak: For a more tranquil experience, consider taking the ferry outside of peak tourist seasons or early in the morning.

Stay Mindful of the Tide: The estuary’s beauty changes with the tide, offering different experiences of the landscape at high and low tide.

Tips for Your Visit

Check the Weather: Services may be affected by severe weather, so it’s worth checking the forecast and service updates before planning your journey.

Respect Local Guidelines: Follow any instructions provided by the ferry crew for a safe and enjoyable crossing.

Accessibility: While the ferry is accessible to most, the steep streets of Polruan and the quayside at Fowey may be challenging for those with limited mobility.

Nearby Attractions

Fowey: Explore this historic harbour town, with its independent shops, eateries, and the Fowey Aquarium.

Polruan: Discover the quiet charm of Polruan, visit the ruins of the 14th-century blockhouse, and enjoy the panoramic views from St Saviour’s Ruin.

St Catherine’s Castle: A short walk from Fowey, this small, fort offers stunning views over the estuary and coastline.


Taking the Polruan Ferry is more than just a means to get from A to B; it’s an experience that captures the essence of Cornwall’s coastal charm.

Whether you’re using it as a practical shortcut during a coastal walk, for a day trip between Fowey and Polruan, or simply for the pleasure of being on the water, the ferry offers a memorable way to see this beautiful part of Cornwall from a different perspective.