Screech Owl Sanctuary

Nestled in the heart of Cornwall’s picturesque countryside, the Screech Owl Sanctuary offers a unique and enlightening experience for visitors of all ages.

Dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sick and injured owls, this sanctuary provides a rare opportunity to get up close with these mysterious and magnificent birds of prey.

Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, a family in search of an educational outing, or simply looking for a peaceful day in nature, the Screech Owl Sanctuary is a must-visit destination.

Discovering Screech Owl Sanctuary

The sanctuary’s mission extends beyond rehabilitation; it’s also committed to educating the public about owl conservation and the threats these birds face in the wild.

With a wide variety of species from around the globe, the sanctuary provides a safe haven for owls that cannot be returned to the wild, offering them a lifetime of care in a naturalistic environment.

Meet the Owls

One of the highlights of visiting the Screech Owl Sanctuary is the chance to meet and learn about the different owl species, each with their unique habits and characteristics.

The sanctuary houses everything from the tiny Scops Owl to the majestic European Eagle Owl, providing fascinating insights into their world.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

The Screech Owl Sanctuary is located near St Columb Major, just a short drive from Newquay.

Accessible by car, it offers ample parking for visitors.

While public transport options are limited, taxi services from nearby towns make the sanctuary accessible for those without a vehicle.

Tickets and Opening Times

The sanctuary operates year-round, but opening times can vary depending on the season, so it’s a good idea to check their official website before planning your visit.

Ticket prices are reasonable, with concessions available for children, seniors, and families.

Your ticket not only contributes to the ongoing care of the owls but also supports the sanctuary’s conservation efforts.

Best Times to Visit

Spring and summer offer the chance to see the sanctuary in full bloom, with additional flying displays and activities taking place.

However, the quieter autumn and winter months provide a more intimate experience, allowing for longer interactions with the owls and staff.

Maximising Your Experience

Flying Displays: Don’t miss the flying displays, where you can see the owls in action and learn about their flying techniques and natural behaviours from the knowledgeable handlers.

Handling Sessions: For a more personal encounter, join one of the handling sessions where you can hold an owl on your gloved hand – a truly unforgettable experience.

Guided Tours: Take a guided tour to get behind-the-scenes insights into the sanctuary’s work, including how they care for and rehabilitate injured owls.

Tips for Your Visit

Wear Suitable Clothing: The sanctuary is largely outdoors, so dress appropriately for the weather. Comfortable shoes are recommended as you’ll be walking on uneven paths.

Photography: Photography is encouraged, but always use a non-flash setting to avoid startling the birds.

Support the Sanctuary: Consider adopting an owl or purchasing gifts from the sanctuary shop. These contributions help fund the sanctuary’s vital work.

Nearby Attractions

The Eden Project: Just a short drive from the sanctuary, this global garden housed in futuristic biomes is one of Cornwall’s top attractions.

Newquay: Known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant surf scene, Newquay offers a variety of shops, eateries, and attractions, including the Blue Reef Aquarium.

Padstow: This charming fishing village, famous for its culinary scene and picturesque harbour, is within easy reach and makes for a lovely day trip.


A visit to the Screech Owl Sanctuary is not only an opportunity to witness the beauty of these nocturnal creatures up close but also a chance to support a vital cause.

The sanctuary offers a unique blend of education, conservation, and unforgettable experiences, set against the backdrop of Cornwall’s stunning natural landscape.

Whether you’re feeding an owl, watching them soar in a flying display, or simply enjoying the tranquillity of the sanctuary grounds, your visit is sure to be a highlight of your holiday in Cornwall.