St Austell Brewery

Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, St Austell Brewery has been a cornerstone of Cornish culture and heritage since its establishment in 1851.

As one of the oldest and most esteemed breweries in the UK, it offers visitors an intriguing glimpse into the world of traditional brewing, coupled with modern innovation.

Whether you’re a devoted ale enthusiast or simply curious about the brewing process, a visit to St Austell Brewery is a must for any holidaymaker in Cornwall.

Discovering St Austell Brewery

St Austell Brewery is renowned for its award-winning beers and ales, including the flagship Tribute Pale Ale, Proper Job IPA, and the unique Korev Lager.

Beyond its impressive range of beverages, the brewery is dedicated to sustainability and innovation, ensuring that its brewing process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Brewery Tours

A highlight of any visit to St Austell Brewery is the guided brewery tour.

Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours offer an in-depth look at the brewing process, from the raw ingredients to the finished product.

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the brewhouse, fermentation rooms, and packaging areas, gaining insights into both the traditional methods and cutting-edge technology that define the brewery’s operations.

The Hicks Bar and Brewery Shop

After the tour, guests are invited to sample the brewery’s finest ales at the Hicks Bar, named after the brewery’s founder, Walter Hicks.

The bar serves a wide selection of St Austell’s beers and ales, along with delicious Cornish fare, making it the perfect spot to relax and reflect on the tour.

Don’t forget to visit the Brewery Shop, where you can purchase your favourite brews, unique brewery merchandise, and gifts to take home.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

St Austell Brewery is conveniently located in the town of St Austell, easily accessible by car and public transport.

The brewery offers on-site parking for visitors. For those travelling by train, St Austell railway station is just a short walk away.

Tickets and Opening Times

The brewery operates tours year-round, but it’s advisable to check the official St Austell Brewery website for the most up-to-date information on tour times and availability.

Booking in advance is highly recommended, especially during peak holiday periods, to secure your place on a tour.

Best Times to Visit

While the brewery is a fascinating visit at any time of year, spring and autumn offer a chance to enjoy the tours without the peak summer crowds.

Keep an eye out for special events and beer festivals hosted by the brewery throughout the year for an extra special experience.

Maximising Your Experience

Taste the Range: Make the most of your visit to the Hicks Bar by tasting a range of St Austell’s beers and ales. Ask the staff for recommendations and tasting notes to fully appreciate the flavours.

Ask Questions: The tour guides at St Austell Brewery are passionate about their craft. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during the tour to gain deeper insights into the brewing process and the brewery’s history.

Take a Piece of Cornwall Home: Visit the Brewery Shop to pick up a souvenir of your visit. From bottled beers and branded glassware to clothing and gifts, there’s something for every beer lover.

Tips for Your Visit

Wear Comfortable Shoes: The brewery tour involves walking and standing, often on uneven surfaces, so comfortable footwear is essential.

Be Mindful of Age Restrictions: Please note that while children are welcome on the brewery tour, alcohol sampling is strictly for visitors aged 18 and over. Valid ID may be required.

Responsible Drinking: Enjoy the beer tasting responsibly, and consider arranging transport if you plan to sample freely.

Nearby Attractions

The Eden Project: Just a short drive from the brewery, this global garden housed in futuristic biomes is one of Cornwall’s top attractions.

Charlestown: Explore this historic port village, famous for its tall ships and as a filming location for Poldark and other period dramas.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan: Discover one of the UK’s most popular botanical gardens, located a few miles from St Austell, offering a journey through restored gardens and estate lands.


A visit to St Austell Brewery offers a fascinating insight into the world of brewing, set against the backdrop of Cornwall’s stunning landscape.

Whether you’re a beer aficionado or a curious explorer, the brewery provides an engaging experience that combines education, tradition, and, of course, the pleasure of tasting some of Cornwall’s finest ales.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the rich heritage and delicious flavours of St Austell Brewery during your Cornwall holiday.