Truro, the only city in Cornwall, serves as the county’s administrative and cultural capital.

Known for its beautiful Georgian architecture, vibrant shopping streets, and significant historical sites, including the stunning Truro Cathedral, this city offers a unique blend of urban energy and traditional Cornish charm.

Whether you’re exploring its rich heritage, enjoying local cuisine, or attending one of its many cultural events, Truro provides a diverse and enriching experience in the heart of Cornwall.

The Allure of Truro

Truro’s appeal lies in its compact size combined with a rich cultural life and historical depth.

As the commercial and administrative hub of Cornwall, Truro boasts a lively atmosphere with a variety of shops, markets, and eateries, set amongst an impressive backdrop of Victorian and Georgian architecture.

The city also serves as a central point for exploring the wider landscapes and coastal areas of Cornwall.

Why Visit Truro?

Truro Cathedral: A masterpiece of Gothic revival architecture, the cathedral dominates the cityscape with its towering spires and is a must-visit for its stunning stained glass windows and peaceful interiors.

Shopping and Markets: Enjoy a mix of independent shops and high street brands, or explore the local farmer’s markets and craft fairs that showcase Cornwall’s finest produce and artisanal products.

Cultural Events: Truro hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including the Truro City Carnival, Christmas markets, and regular live music performances.

Dining and Nightlife: Sample Cornish cuisine in cosy pubs, trendy cafés, and fine dining restaurants, or enjoy an evening out at one of Truro’s stylish bars or traditional alehouses.

Activities and Exploration in Truro

Cultural Attractions

Royal Cornwall Museum: Discover Cornwall’s history, from its geological roots to its social history and connections with the wider world, through engaging exhibits and collections.

Hall for Cornwall: A leading theatre in the region offering a range of performances from musicals and operas to dramas and ballets.

Outdoor Activities

Boscawen Park: Stroll through or have a picnic in this beautiful park, which features sports facilities, a children’s play area, and scenic walking paths along the river.

Victoria Gardens: These small but beautifully maintained gardens offer a peaceful escape from the city hustle, with lovely flower beds, a bandstand, and quiet sitting areas.

Plan Your Visit to Truro

Getting There

Location: Truro is centrally located in Cornwall and is easily accessible by road. It sits at the convergence of the A390, A39, and A30 roads, linking it with the rest of Cornwall and Devon.

Public Transport: Truro has excellent transport links, including a mainline railway station that connects it to major cities across the UK.

Best Times to Visit

Summer: Enjoy the best of Truro’s outdoor activities and events, though be prepared for it to be busier during peak tourist season.

Winter: Experience the festive charm of Truro during the Christmas period, highlighted by its renowned city lights and market.

Facilities and Amenities

Accommodation: Truro offers a range of options, from luxury hotels and historic inns to charming B&Bs and self-catering apartments.

Dining: The city boasts a diverse array of eateries catering to all tastes, from traditional Cornish fare to international cuisine.

Beyond Truro: Nearby Attractions

Trelissick Garden: Just a short drive from the city, these extensive National Trust gardens offer stunning river views and extensive woodland walks.

St Agnes: Explore this charming coastal village known for its thriving arts community and beautiful beaches, only a few miles from Truro.

Tips for a Memorable Visit

Explore on Foot: Truro’s city centre is best explored on foot, allowing you to appreciate its architecture and atmosphere fully.

Check Local Listings: Look up local event calendars to catch special events and markets that can enrich your visit.

Support Local Businesses: By shopping and dining in local establishments, you help sustain the local economy and community.


Truro, with its rich history, vibrant cultural scene, and beautiful surroundings, offers a unique city experience within the rural heart of Cornwall.

Whether you’re seeking cultural enrichment, historical exploration, or simply a lively place to relax and dine, Truro provides a comprehensive and delightful Cornish city experience.

Plan your visit to Truro and immerse yourself in the dynamic yet traditional life of Cornwall’s capital.