Antony House

Antony House, nestled in the lush Cornish countryside near the town of Torpoint, is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil escape into a world of historical elegance and natural beauty.

This early 18th-century mansion, still home to the Carew family, is set within a stunning landscape garden that overlooks the River Lynher.

Managed by the National Trust, Antony House provides visitors with a fascinating glimpse into the past, surrounded by the charm of its formal gardens and extensive woodlands.

Discovering Antony House

The house itself is a marvel of architectural design, showcasing the refined elegance of the Georgian era.

Inside, visitors can explore a collection of family portraits, fine furniture, and textiles that tell the story of the Carew family and their centuries-long connection to the Antony estate.

The gardens and woodlands that surround the house are equally impressive, featuring formal landscapes, sculptures, and a variety of flora and fauna that change with the seasons.

Highlights of Antony House

The House: Antony House’s interiors are a testament to its rich history, with rooms adorned with intricate woodwork, historical portraits, and an impressive collection of silver.

The Gardens: From the formal terraces adorned with classical sculptures to the lush knot garden and the serene Japanese pond, Antony’s gardens are a delight to explore.

Woodland Walks: Beyond the formal gardens lie acres of ancient woodlands, with marked trails that meander through a landscape dotted with wildflowers, historic features, and stunning viewpoints.

The National Collection of Daylilies: Antony House is renowned for its extensive collection of daylilies, which bloom in a riot of colour during the summer months.

Filming Location: Fans of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” will recognise Antony House and its gardens as one of the film’s enchanting locations.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Antony House is located near the village of Antony, between Plymouth and Looe in Cornwall.

Access is easiest by car, with parking available on-site.

For those using public transport, the nearest train stations are in Plymouth and St Germans, from where you can take a taxi to Antony House.

Admission and Opening Times

The house and gardens have separate opening times, which can vary throughout the year, especially outside the main tourist season.

It’s advisable to check the National Trust website for the most up-to-date information before planning your visit.

Admission prices are available on the website, with discounts for National Trust members.


Café: The on-site café offers a selection of light lunches, homemade cakes, and refreshments, perfect for a relaxing break during your visit.

Shop: The gift shop sells a range of souvenirs, books, and locally sourced products, allowing you to take a piece of Antony home with you.

Accessibility: The gardens are largely accessible, with some gravel paths and gentle slopes. The house, due to its historic nature, has limited access for wheelchair users.

Maximising Your Experience

Guided Tours: To fully appreciate the history and significance of Antony House, consider joining one of the guided tours available.

Photography: The estate provides countless opportunities for photography, from the architectural beauty of the house to the natural splendour of the gardens and woodlands.

Seasonal Visits: While Antony House is beautiful year-round, visiting in different seasons offers unique experiences, from the springtime bloom of rhododendrons to the autumnal colours of the woodlands.

Tips for Your Visit

Check for Events: Antony House hosts various events throughout the year, including outdoor theatre performances and seasonal activities, which can enhance your visit.

Wear Comfortable Shoes: With extensive grounds to explore, comfortable footwear is a must.

Dogs: Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome in certain areas of the estate, making it a great day out for pet owners.

Nearby Attractions

Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park: Just a short drive or ferry ride from Antony, this historic estate offers beautiful gardens and stunning coastal views.

The Rame Peninsula: Known as Cornwall’s forgotten corner, the Rame Peninsula is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with quaint villages, sandy beaches, and scenic coastal walks.


Antony House and its surrounding estate offer a captivating mix of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Whether you’re exploring the elegant interiors of the house, wandering through the meticulously maintained gardens, or venturing into the ancient woodlands, a visit to Antony House promises a memorable experience that highlights the very best of Cornwall’s heritage and landscapes.