Glendurgan Garden

Glendurgan Garden is a tranquil haven of exotic plants, vibrant blooms, and captivating woodland walks.

Managed by the National Trust, this subtropical paradise near Falmouth, Cornwall, offers visitors a chance to explore a diverse and thriving ecosystem that thrives in the county’s mild climate.

With its famed laurel maze, peaceful beach, and stunning valley views, Glendurgan Garden promises a memorable day out for nature lovers, families, and anyone seeking a peaceful escape.

Discovering Glendurgan Garden

As you wander through Glendurgan Garden, you’ll be transported to different corners of the world, from wildflower-covered hillsides to dense jungles and serene Mediterranean landscapes.

The garden is a testament to the Fox family, who created it in the 1820s as part of their private estate, with a vision of harmony between nature and humanity.

Highlights of Glendurgan Garden

The Laurel Maze: Designed in 1833, this living puzzle is a delight for both young and old, offering fun and adventure as you find your way to the centre.

Tropical Plants: Discover a rich collection of tropical and subtropical plants, including giant rhubarb, tree ferns, and exotic flowers that flourish in Cornwall’s climate.

The Beach at Durgan: At the foot of the garden lies the charming hamlet of Durgan and its quiet beach, perfect for skimming stones or simply soaking up the tranquil estuary views.

Woodland Walks: Follow the winding paths through native oak woodland, bursting with seasonal colours and the sounds of local wildlife.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Glendurgan Garden is located just a short drive from Falmouth, with clear signage from the A39.

There is a National Trust car park on site, with parking free for members.

For those using public transport, the nearest train station is in Falmouth, with local bus services and taxi options available to complete your journey.

Tickets and Opening Times

Glendurgan Garden is open from February to October, with varying opening hours. It’s advisable to check the National Trust website for the most current information.

Entry is free for National Trust members, with reasonable admission fees for non-members. Booking in advance is not always necessary but recommended during peak times.

Best Times to Visit

Spring: The garden comes alive with the vibrant colours of rhododendrons, magnolias, and camellias.

Summer: Enjoy the full glory of the garden’s lush foliage and the cooling shade of its woodland paths.

Maximising Your Experience

Wear Comfortable Shoes: The garden’s terrain is varied, with some steep and uneven paths, making sturdy footwear essential.

Bring a Picnic: There are several beautiful spots throughout the garden perfect for a picnic, allowing you to enjoy the stunning scenery at your leisure.

Visit the Café: The Glendurgan Tea House offers a selection of refreshments, light lunches, and homemade cakes, using locally sourced ingredients.

Tips for Your Visit

Check the Tides: If you plan to visit Durgan beach, checking the tide times can enhance your visit, especially if you wish to explore the shore.

Respect the Environment: Help preserve the beauty of Glendurgan by sticking to the paths and taking any litter home with you.

Stay Updated: Before your visit, check the National Trust website or contact the garden directly for any updates on opening times or events.

Nearby Attractions

Trebah Garden: Another beautiful subtropical garden located just across the Helford River, offering a different but equally enchanting experience.

Falmouth: This vibrant coastal town offers beaches, maritime history at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, and a bustling town centre.

Helford Passage: A picturesque spot on the river, ideal for boat trips, kayaking, and enjoying fresh seafood at the Ferryboat Inn.


Glendurgan Garden offers a magical escape into nature’s wonders, with its rich tapestry of plants, enchanting maze, and the peaceful shores of Durgan.

Whether you’re a keen gardener, a family looking for adventure, or simply in search of tranquillity, Glendurgan promises a day of discovery and relaxation in one of Cornwall’s most beautiful settings.