Trebah Garden

Nestled in the heart of Cornwall’s picturesque landscape lies Trebah Garden, a sub-tropical paradise that cascades down to the serene waters of the Helford River.

Recognised as one of the UK’s most beautiful gardens, Trebah offers a spectacular display of exotic plants, vibrant blooms, and majestic tree ferns set within a protected valley.

This 26-acre garden is not only a feast for the eyes but also a haven for tranquillity and exploration, making it a must-visit destination for holidaymakers in Cornwall.

Discovering Trebah Garden

Trebah is more than just a garden; it’s an experience that changes with the seasons, ensuring each visit is unique.

From the springtime spectacle of rhododendrons and magnolias to the lush greenery of summer and the fiery colours of autumn, Trebah reflects the cycle of life with its ever-changing beauty.

The garden’s history, dating back to the 19th century, is woven into the landscape, with hidden paths leading to surprising discoveries at every turn.

The Garden’s Highlights

The Mallards: The garden’s entrance through the Mallards sets the scene with its collection of giant gunnera and tranquil ponds.

Hydrangea Valley: A dramatic sweep of vibrant hydrangeas leads down to the Helford River, offering a breathtaking display of colour during the summer months.

Bamboo Grove: Wander through the whispering bamboos and discover the secluded tranquillity of this Asian-inspired landscape.

Private Beach: Trebah’s private beach, Polgwidden Cove, offers stunning views of the Helford River, perfect for a peaceful moment of reflection.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Trebah Garden is located near the village of Mawnan Smith, just south of Falmouth.

The garden is accessible by car, with free parking available on-site.

For those using public transport, there are local bus services from Falmouth that stop nearby, making Trebah a convenient day out for everyone.

Tickets and Opening Times

Trebah Garden is open to the public year-round, with varying opening times depending on the season.

It is advisable to purchase tickets in advance through their official website, especially during peak seasons.

Members of the garden enjoy free entry, offering a great incentive for frequent visitors to this Cornish gem.

Best Times to Visit

While each season offers its unique charm, spring and early summer are particularly magical at Trebah, with the garden coming alive with blooms.

Autumn also offers a spectacle of colour, with the canopies of the trees lighting up in hues of gold, red, and orange.

Maximising Your Experience

Garden Tours: Join one of the guided garden tours to uncover the stories and secrets of Trebah, led by knowledgeable guides who bring the history and horticulture of the garden to life.

The Planters Café and Boathouse Café: Whether you’re looking for a hearty lunch or a light snack, Trebah’s cafés provide delicious options made from locally sourced ingredients.

The Garden Shop: Visit the garden shop to take a piece of Trebah home with you, from unique plants to bespoke gifts and souvenirs.

Tips for Your Visit

Wear Comfortable Footwear: The garden’s terrain varies, with some steep and uneven paths, so sturdy footwear is recommended.

Stay Updated: Check Trebah’s official website or social media channels for any updates on events, closures, or changes to opening times.

Photography: Trebah is a photographer’s paradise, so don’t forget your camera. However, be mindful of using tripods or drones, which may require permission.

Nearby Attractions

Glendurgan Garden: Just a short walk from Trebah, this National Trust garden offers a maze, exotic plants, and beautiful views of the Helford River.

Falmouth: A vibrant town known for its maritime heritage, beautiful beaches, and the fascinating National Maritime Museum Cornwall.


A visit to Trebah Garden is an immersive journey into a world of botanical beauty, historical intrigue, and serene landscapes.

Whether you’re an avid gardener, a nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Trebah offers an enchanting experience that captivates and delights visitors of all ages.

With its spectacular seasonal displays, hidden corners, and stunning coastal backdrop, Trebah Garden remains one of Cornwall’s treasured attractions, promising a memorable day out in the heart of this magical county.