Llama Lland

Llama Lland, nestled in the picturesque Cornish countryside, is a unique and enchanting attraction that promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

This family-run llama farm offers the chance to get up close and personal with these gentle and quirky creatures, set against the backdrop of Cornwall’s stunning natural beauty.

Whether you’re an animal lover, looking for a family-friendly day out, or simply seeking a break from the beach, Llama Lland provides a fun, educational, and truly unique experience.

Discovering Llama Lland

Llama Lland is not just about observing llamas; it’s an interactive experience that invites you to learn about, walk with, and even cuddle these fascinating animals.

The farm’s passionate owners are on hand to share their extensive knowledge about llamas, making your visit both informative and enjoyable.

Beyond llamas, the farm also offers a glimpse into rural Cornish life, with its beautiful landscapes and tranquil atmosphere.

Highlights of Llama Lland

Llama Walks: Participate in guided walks through the countryside, with a llama as your companion. It’s a serene and unique way to enjoy the scenery.

Meet and Greet: Get to know the llamas up close, learn about their personalities, care, and even feed them under the guidance of the farm’s experts.

Picnic Areas: The farm offers picturesque spots to enjoy a picnic, surrounded by the calming presence of llamas and the beautiful Cornish countryside.

Educational Talks: Gain insights into the fascinating world of llamas, including their history, behaviour, and how they’re cared for at Llama Lland.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Llama Lland is situated 3 miles from Truro, and is easily accessible by car with onsite parking available.

The exact location and directions can be found on their official website along with details on how to book.

Booking Your Experience

Advance Booking: All visits and walks are by appointment, so booking in advance is essential. This allows for a tailored experience that respects the wellbeing of both the llamas and visitors.

Experience Options: Choose from a variety of experiences, from short meet-and-greets to longer treks. Each option is designed to suit different interests and physical abilities.

Maximising Your Experience

Wear Suitable Clothing: For walks, ensure you’re dressed appropriately for the countryside, with sturdy footwear and weather-appropriate gear.

Bring a Camera: The farm’s scenic location and the llamas themselves provide fantastic photo opportunities.

Ask Questions: The owners are a wealth of knowledge about llamas and happy to share, making your visit as educational as it is fun.

Tips for Your Visit

Respect the Animals: Always follow the guidance provided by the staff to ensure the safety and comfort of both the llamas and visitors.

Check the Weather: While Llama Lland offers enjoyable experiences come rain or shine, checking the forecast can help you prepare.

Pack a Picnic: Take advantage of the farm’s beautiful picnic areas by bringing along some refreshments to enjoy during your visit.

Nearby Attractions

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Beaches of Cornwall: After your visit, why not head to one of Cornwall’s many stunning beaches for a relaxing end to the day?


Llama Lland offers a unique slice of Cornish life that is both tranquil and engaging.

Whether you’re leading a llama through the lush countryside, learning about their care, or simply enjoying the peaceful surroundings, a visit to Llama Lland is sure to be a highlight of your Cornwall holiday.

It’s a perfect example of the diverse and unique experiences that Cornwall has to offer, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.