Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Nestled in the picturesque harbour village of Boscastle, Cornwall, The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is an intriguing and captivating attraction that draws visitors from across the globe.

With one of the world’s largest collections of witchcraft-related artefacts, the museum offers a deep dive into the mystical and often misunderstood world of witchcraft, magic, and the occult.

Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of the mysterious, or simply looking for something unique to do while holidaying in Cornwall, this museum promises an enlightening experience.

Discovering The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Established in 1951 by Cecil Williamson, The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic has evolved to become a vital custodian of artefacts and lore related to witchcraft, magic, and the occult.

Its extensive collection spans several centuries and cultures, providing insight into magical practices, beliefs, and the people involved in witchcraft throughout history.

What to Expect

The museum houses a diverse array of exhibits, from historical witchcraft tools, spell books, and potions to poppets, charms, and magical regalia.

Each item is accompanied by informative displays that offer context, shedding light on the item’s use, origins, and the stories of the people who used them.

The museum also explores the changing perceptions of witchcraft and its practitioners over the centuries, from fear and persecution to a modern understanding and acceptance.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Boscastle is located on the North Cornish coast, easily accessible by car.

The village has a car park from which the museum is just a short walk away.

While public transport options are more limited, there are bus services that run to Boscastle from nearby towns and villages.

Tickets and Opening Times

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is open from April to October, with possible additional opening days around Halloween and other special occasions.

It’s a good idea to check the museum’s official website for the most up-to-date information on opening times and ticket prices.

Tickets can be purchased on arrival, and the museum offers concessions for seniors, students, and children.

Best Times to Visit

The museum can get busy during peak holiday periods and on special event days, such as Halloween.

Visiting outside of these times can offer a quieter experience, allowing you more space and time to explore the exhibits.

Early mornings or later in the afternoon are typically less crowded.

Maximising Your Experience

Take Your Time: The museum is packed with fascinating objects and their stories. Allow yourself plenty of time to read the displays and absorb the rich tapestry of magical history.

Guided Tours: Check if there are guided tours available during your visit. These can offer deeper insights and anecdotes not covered in the exhibit labels.

Visit the Library: If you have a particular interest in witchcraft and magic, the museum’s library contains a wealth of books and manuscripts that can be viewed by appointment.

Tips for Your Visit

Photography: Personal photography is usually allowed, but check the museum’s photography policy before your visit and be mindful of using flash.

Respect the Exhibits: Many of the artefacts are of significant historical and cultural value, and some visitors may hold the beliefs represented in the museum. Please be respectful during your visit.

Shop and Café: Don’t forget to visit the museum shop, which offers a range of books, souvenirs, and magical supplies. While the museum doesn’t have a café, Boscastle offers several charming options nearby.

Nearby Attractions

Boscastle Harbour: Take a walk around this beautiful natural harbour, one of Cornwall’s most scenic spots, with paths leading to stunning coastal views.

Tintagel Castle: A short drive from Boscastle, explore the legendary birthplace of King Arthur and enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

St Nectan’s Glen: Discover this area of outstanding natural beauty with its waterfall and hermitage, steeped in its own mystical lore.


The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic offers a unique and thought-provoking insight into the world of magical practices, beliefs, and their practitioners.

It stands as a testament to the complexities of human belief and the cultural significance of witchcraft and magic across different eras and societies.

Whether you leave with a greater understanding, new questions, or simply a sense of wonder, your visit to this remarkable museum will surely be an unforgettable part of your Cornwall holiday.