Torpoint Ferry

The Torpoint Ferry serves as a vital link across the River Tamar, connecting the Cornish town of Torpoint with the city of Plymouth in Devon.

For holidaymakers exploring the South West of England, the ferry is not just a convenient mode of transportation but also an opportunity to experience the scenic beauty of the Tamar estuary.

This guide provides everything you need to know for a smooth and enjoyable journey aboard the Torpoint Ferry.

Discovering Torpoint Ferry

Operating since the early 19th century, the Torpoint Ferry has become an essential part of local life, offering a continuous service that allows vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians to cross the river with ease.

The crossing offers stunning views of the river, naval dockyards, and the surrounding landscapes, making it a picturesque start or end to your day of exploration.

Highlights of Torpoint Ferry

Scenic Views: Enjoy the beautiful vistas of the River Tamar, with its bustling maritime activity and the greenery of both the Devon and Cornwall banks.

Efficient Crossing: The ferry operates using three vessels, ensuring a regular and reliable service that can accommodate a high volume of passengers and vehicles.

Historical Significance: The ferry route is steeped in history, providing a unique insight into the area’s maritime heritage.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

In Cornwall, the ferry terminal is located in Torpoint, easily accessible via the A374.

On the Devon side, the ferry lands in Plymouth at the Devonport terminal, which is well-connected by local roads and public transport.

Operating Times and Fares

The Torpoint Ferry operates 24 hours a day, with crossings approximately every 10-15 minutes during peak times and every half hour during the night.

Fares are charged for vehicles and commercial traffic, while pedestrians and cyclists travel free of charge.

It’s recommended to check the latest fares and schedules on the official Torpoint Ferry website before your visit.


Terminals: Both the Torpoint and Plymouth terminals have waiting areas and basic facilities.

Parking: Short-term parking is available near both terminals, although space can be limited during busy periods.

Accessibility: The ferry is accessible to wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility, with staff on hand to assist as needed.

Maximising Your Experience

Plan for Peak Times: The ferry can be busy during peak commuter times, so plan your crossing outside of these periods if possible for a quicker and quieter journey.

Explore the Surrounding Areas: Use the ferry crossing as an opportunity to explore the attractions on both sides of the Tamar, including the historic Royal William Yard in Plymouth and the picturesque Rame Peninsula in Cornwall.

Stay Informed: Check the ferry service’s website or social media channels for any service updates, especially during adverse weather conditions.

Tips for Your Visit

Payment Methods: Be prepared with the correct payment method for your vehicle; some crossings may accept card payments, but it’s wise to have cash just in case.

Enjoy the Journey: Even if you’re just using the ferry as a means to get to your destination, take a moment to enjoy the views and the experience of crossing this historic waterway.

Respect Local Guidelines: Follow any safety instructions provided by the ferry crew and respect the local environment by disposing of any litter responsibly.

Nearby Attractions

Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park: Just a short drive from Torpoint, this beautiful country park offers extensive gardens, historic estates, and stunning coastal walks.

Plymouth Hoe: Offering panoramic views over Plymouth Sound, the Hoe is a historic promenade with landmarks including Smeaton’s Tower and the Royal Citadel.

Antony House: This National Trust property near Torpoint is a stunning early 18th-century mansion set in beautiful landscaped grounds and woodlands.


The Torpoint Ferry is more than just a practical transport link; it’s a unique part of the South West’s coastal landscape that offers beautiful views and a touch of history to your Cornish holiday experience.

Whether you’re crossing the Tamar to explore Cornwall’s picturesque villages and coastal paths or heading into Plymouth for a day of urban exploration, the Torpoint Ferry provides a convenient, scenic, and enjoyable start to your adventure.