Portreath, a charming coastal village nestled in a valley with steep cliffs on either side, is a gem on Cornwall’s north coast.

Once a bustling port during the tin mining era, today Portreath is a peaceful haven for holidaymakers.

Its beautiful sandy beach, historic harbour, and the surrounding rugged landscape make it an ideal destination for those looking to explore Cornwall’s natural beauty and rich history.

Discovering Portreath

The heart of Portreath is its beach, a wide expanse of golden sand flanked by protective headlands, which makes it a favourite spot for both families and surfers.

Beyond the beach, the village itself offers a slice of Cornish life with its quaint cottages, welcoming pubs and cafes, and winding streets filled with local shops and galleries.

Highlights of Portreath

Portreath Beach: The beach is perfect for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, with lifeguards on duty during the summer months ensuring everyone’s safety.

The Harbour: The historic harbour, once the core of Portreath’s prosperity, is great for a scenic walk to see the old pilchard cellars and the unique “Monkey Hut” used by lookouts in the past.

Cycling and Walking: Portreath is at the start of the Coast to Coast trail, offering cyclists and walkers a beautiful route through Cornwall’s varied landscapes.

The Pepperpot: A daymark on the cliff above Portreath, originally used as a navigational aid, offers stunning views and a glimpse into the village’s nautical history.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Portreath is easily accessible by car, located just off the A30, the main arterial route through Cornwall.

The village has parking available near the beach, though it can get busy in peak season.

Public transport options include buses from nearby towns, such as Redruth, which also has the nearest train station.


Beach Amenities: The beachfront includes toilets, a shop for beach goods, and hire facilities for surfboards and wetsuits.

Dining: Portreath offers a selection of eateries, from seaside cafes serving fresh, locally caught seafood to traditional Cornish pubs.

Accommodation: From cosy holiday cottages to seaside campsites and elegant hotels, there’s accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets.

Maximising Your Experience

Explore on Foot: Take advantage of the stunning coastal walks in both directions from the village, especially the trek to Porthtowan along the dramatic cliffs.

Water Sports: Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or trying paddleboarding for the first time, Portreath’s waters offer something for everyone.

Local History: Visit the Portreath Heritage Centre to learn more about the village’s fascinating past, from its mining heritage to its role in WWII.

Tips for Your Visit

Tide Times: Check the tide times before your visit, as high tide can limit the amount of beach available.

Respect the Environment: Help keep Portreath beautiful by taking your litter home and being mindful of local wildlife.

Parking: Arrive early during peak season to secure parking close to the beach.

Nearby Attractions

Tehidy Country Park: Just a short drive away, Tehidy offers over 250 acres of protected woodland and 9 miles of paths, perfect for nature walks.

Godrevy Lighthouse: A scenic drive along the coast will bring you to Godrevy, where you can enjoy breathtaking views and maybe even spot some seals.

Heartlands: Located in nearby Pool, Heartlands is a free visitor attraction and World Heritage Site Gateway, offering play areas, gardens, and a café.


Portreath is a delightful blend of coastal charm, historical intrigue, and natural beauty.

Whether you’re here to embrace the waves, explore the rugged landscapes, or simply relax and enjoy the slower pace of life, Portreath offers a captivating escape.

With its welcoming community, stunning scenery, and array of activities, Portreath is a perfect base for a memorable holiday in Cornwall.