Redruth, nestled in the heart of Cornwall, is a town steeped in rich mining history and industrial heritage.

Once the centre of the global tin mining industry, Redruth now offers visitors a deep dive into Cornwall’s past with its well-preserved historical sites, cultural landmarks, and vibrant community life.

Its location provides easy access to both the rugged Cornish coast and the picturesque inland landscapes, making it a perfect base for exploring the broader region.

The Allure of Redruth

Redruth’s appeal lies in its fascinating transformation from an industrial powerhouse to a cultural hub, where the old and the new harmoniously coexist.

The town’s architecture reflects its prosperous mining era with grand Georgian and Victorian buildings that line the main streets.

Today, Redruth is reimagining its industrial spaces and traditions by fostering a lively arts scene and community-focused events, all while honouring its rich heritage.

Why Visit Redruth?

Mining Heritage: Discover the town’s history through landmarks like the Redruth Town Trail, which highlights key historical sites including the old Mining Exchange where tin prices were once set.

Cultural Festivals: Participate in vibrant events such as the Murdoch Day celebrations, a tribute to local inventor William Murdoch, which features parades, music, and dance.

Art and Creativity: Explore studios and galleries that showcase the work of local artists, part of Redruth’s growing arts community.

Gateway to Nature: Use Redruth as a starting point for visits to nearby attractions such as Carn Brea, offering panoramic views and intriguing Neolithic remains.

Activities and Exploration in Redruth

Historical Insights

Redruth Town Trail: Follow this self-guided trail to learn about the town’s mining past and see architectural gems, including the historic St. Rumon’s Gardens.

Cornish Mining World Heritage Sites: Venture to nearby sites like the East Pool Mine, where you can explore the preserved engine houses and learn about the technological advances of Cornish mining.

Cultural Attractions

Heartlands: Visit this free cultural playground set in a former mine, offering interactive exhibits, artisan shops, and expansive gardens. (Now Closed)

Regal Theatre: Catch a film or a live performance at one of Cornwall’s oldest working cinemas, located in the heart of Redruth.

Outdoor Activities

Carn Brea: Hike to this iconic landmark just outside Redruth, featuring a castle and a monument, with extensive views over the surrounding landscape.

Mineral Tramways Trails: Cycle or walk these trails that follow the routes of former tramways used to transport ore and materials, now repurposed as scenic paths for recreation.

Plan Your Visit to Redruth

Getting There

Location: Redruth is centrally located in Cornwall, accessible by the A30 road, which runs through Cornwall and Devon.

Public Transport: Redruth is well-served by its railway station, offering regular services to major Cornish towns and cities, as well as direct links to London.

Best Times to Visit

Summer: Enjoy the best of Redruth’s festivals and outdoor activities in the warm weather, though the town is less tourist-heavy than coastal areas.

Autumn and Spring: Ideal for those looking to explore the cultural and historical aspects without the peak season crowds.

Facilities and Amenities

Accommodation: Redruth offers a range of lodging options, from charming bed and breakfasts to modern hotels.

Dining: Experience Cornwall’s culinary delights at local cafes, traditional pubs, and restaurants serving both international and Cornish cuisine.

Beyond Redruth: Nearby Attractions

Tehidy Country Park: Just a short drive away, this park offers over 9 miles of trails through woodlands, lakes, and coastal paths.

Portreath Beach: Head to this nearby beach for a day of water sports or simply to relax by the sea.

Tips for a Memorable Visit

Explore on Foot: Many of Redruth’s attractions are within walking distance of each other, making it easy to explore the town centre on foot.

Local Insights: Engage with the locals to learn more about the town’s history and hidden gems.

Event Timings: Check the local calendar for event dates to plan your visit around Redruth’s lively festivals and markets.


Redruth offers a unique glimpse into Cornwall’s industrial past, enriched with a vibrant cultural scene and surrounded by natural beauty.

Whether you’re exploring its historical sites, enjoying its cultural offerings, or using it as a base to discover Cornwall’s landscapes, Redruth provides a compelling and enriching experience for all visitors.