East Pool Mine

East Pool Mine in Cornwall offers a fascinating journey into the region’s rich industrial heritage.

Nestled in the heart of the Cornish mining landscape near the town of Redruth, this historic site forms part of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With its towering engine houses and immersive exhibits, East Pool Mine provides a unique glimpse into the lives of the miners and the technological innovations that drove the industrial revolution in Cornwall.

Discovering East Pool Mine

East Pool Mine began operations in the early 18th century, playing a pivotal role in Cornwall’s tin and copper mining industry.

Today, the site celebrates this legacy through the preservation of its iconic structures, including the impressive engine houses that once powered the mine’s operations.

Highlights of East Pool Mine

The Engine Houses: The mine’s two engine houses, including the well-preserved Whim Engine House, stand as monuments to Cornwall’s mining prowess. The Whim Engine, which raised ore from the depths, is a highlight.

The Visitor Centre: Housed in the former Miners’ Dry, where miners would change and dry off after their shifts, the visitor centre offers engaging exhibits about the mine’s history, the people who worked there, and the community it supported.

Guided Tours: Knowledgeable guides bring the mine’s stories to life, offering insights into the working conditions, the machinery used, and the global significance of Cornwall’s mining industry.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

East Pool Mine is located between the towns of Redruth and Camborne, easily accessible by car via the A30.

Public transport options include train services to Redruth station, followed by a short bus or taxi ride to the mine.

Opening Times and Admission

Opening times vary throughout the year, with the site typically open to visitors from March to October.

It’s advisable to check the National Trust website for the most up-to-date information on opening hours and admission fees, as East Pool Mine is managed by this conservation organisation.


Parking: A car park is available on site for visitors.

Accessibility: Efforts have been made to ensure the site is accessible to all visitors, though some areas may be challenging due to the historic nature of the buildings. Contact the site in advance for specific accessibility information.

Refreshments: While there are no catering facilities on site, Redruth and Camborne offer a variety of cafes and restaurants a short drive away.

Maximising Your Experience

Wear Comfortable Shoes: The site encompasses uneven ground and steps, especially within the engine houses, so sturdy footwear is recommended.

Camera: Don’t forget your camera to capture the striking architecture of the engine houses and the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Combine Your Visit: Consider visiting other nearby attractions within the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, such as Heartlands or Geevor Tin Mine, to further explore the area’s mining history.

Tips for Your Visit

Check for Events: East Pool Mine often hosts special events, workshops, and activities, especially during school holidays. These can offer a deeper understanding of the site and its history.

Stay Local: The area around East Pool Mine is rich in history and natural beauty. Staying in local accommodation allows you to explore at a leisurely pace and discover more of Cornwall’s mining heritage.

Respect the Site: As a historic and protected site, visitors are encouraged to respect the structures and the environment, ensuring it remains preserved for future generations.

Nearby Attractions

Tehidy Country Park: Just a short drive away, Tehidy offers over 9 miles of paths and 250 acres of peaceful woods and lakes to explore.

Carn Brea: Dominating the landscape near Redruth, Carn Brea Castle and the monument on its summit offer fantastic views and a glimpse into Cornish history.

Portreath Beach: A beautiful Cornish beach, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring the mining landscape.


East Pool Mine stands as a testament to Cornwall’s mining history, offering visitors an invaluable insight into the industry that shaped the region and the world beyond.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a family looking for an educational day out, or simply curious about Cornwall’s industrial past, East Pool Mine promises a captivating and enlightening experience amidst the dramatic landscapes of Cornwall.