Mevagissey Aquarium

Nestled within the charming harbour of Mevagissey, a picturesque fishing village on Cornwall’s south coast, the Mevagissey Aquarium offers a fascinating window into the marine life of the area.

Housed in a converted boat builder’s workshop on the east quay, this quaint and informative aquarium is a popular attraction for visitors of all ages.

With free entry (donations welcome), it provides an educational and engaging experience that highlights the importance of marine conservation and the rich biodiversity of Cornwall’s coastal waters.

Discovering Mevagissey Aquarium

The Mevagissey Aquarium is a testament to the village’s deep connection with the sea.

Inside, you’ll find a variety of tanks displaying a range of local marine species, from common crabs and lobsters to more elusive sea bass and dogfish.

The exhibits are designed to educate visitors about the marine ecosystem and the efforts being made to protect it.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer questions, making it an informative visit for those interested in marine biology and ecology.

Highlights of Mevagissey Aquarium

Local Marine Species: Get up close and personal with the diverse marine life that inhabits the waters around Mevagissey, learning about their habitats and behaviours.

Educational Displays: Discover more about local fishing methods, the history of Mevagissey’s harbour, and the conservation efforts being undertaken to protect marine life.

Interactive Learning: The aquarium often features touch pools and interactive displays, offering hands-on learning experiences, especially enjoyable for children.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Mevagissey Aquarium is easily accessible on foot if you’re exploring the village and its harbour.

If you’re driving, there are public car parks in the village, though spaces can be limited during peak tourist season.

Public transport options include bus services from St Austell, which is also the nearest train station, offering a scenic route into Mevagissey.

Opening Times and Admission

The aquarium typically operates from Easter through to October, with opening hours usually from 11 am to 4 pm, but these can vary.

Admission to the Mevagissey Aquarium is free, though donations are greatly appreciated to help with the upkeep of the aquarium and its educational programmes.


Accessibility: The aquarium is accessible to wheelchair users and those with limited mobility.

Local Amenities: Being located on the harbour front, the aquarium is just a stone’s throw away from local shops, cafes, and restaurants offering delicious Cornish fare.

Maximising Your Experience

Combine with a Harbour Visit: Make the most of your trip by exploring the picturesque Mevagissey harbour, enjoying the views, and perhaps even taking a boat trip.

Support the Aquarium: Consider making a donation or purchasing from the gift shop to support the aquarium’s conservation efforts.

Explore Mevagissey: Dedicate some time to wandering the narrow streets of Mevagissey, filled with quaint shops, traditional pubs, and historic buildings.

Tips for Your Visit

Check the Weather: While the aquarium offers a great rainy-day activity, Mevagissey is best explored in good weather.

Wear Comfortable Shoes: The village streets are cobbled and can be steep in places, so comfortable footwear will make your exploration more enjoyable.

Be Camera Ready: The aquarium and the surrounding area offer fantastic photo opportunities, from the colourful marine life to the scenic harbour views.

Nearby Attractions

Lost Gardens of Heligan: Just a few miles from Mevagissey, these historic gardens offer a magical day out, with lush landscapes and unique garden features.

Pentewan Sands: A short drive away, this long, sandy beach is perfect for a day of relaxation and offers watersports for the more adventurous.

St Austell Brewery: Take a tour of one of Cornwall’s oldest businesses, learning about the brewing process and sampling some local ales.


The Mevagissey Aquarium provides a captivating insight into the marine environment of Cornwall, packaged in an intimate and educational setting.

It’s a must-visit for anyone keen to learn about local marine species, the importance of marine conservation, or simply looking for an enjoyable and informative family-friendly activity.

Coupled with the charm of Mevagissey and its stunning surroundings, a visit to the aquarium is a delightful addition to any Cornwall holiday itinerary, offering a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty and heritage of this unique coastal region.